KeepSafe® Security Bags

KeepSafe security bags from AMPAC are single-trip polythene security bags featuring an easy-to-use closure seal that provides tamper-evident security against all known methods of attack.

Once closed, unauthorised attempts to break the seal will cause the universal STOP/VOID message to appear. KeepSafe is a packaging system designed to:
• minimise the risk of loss or theft through tamper-evident technology
• improve efficiency and reduce the processing costs associated with valuables handling
• meet operational requirements through our application-specific range of standard products
• offer flexibility, innovation and customer-specific solutions


KeepSafe security bags are designed to be exceptionally easy to fill and to seal. The level of sophistication of the tamper-evident features can be varied according to the nature of the goods to be packaged and the risk involved. In addition, the release tape allows unsealed bags to be quickly identified.



KeepSafe Applications

KeepSafe is recommended for high-risk situations and is the most effective, efficient and secure way to handle cash, cheques, and other valuable, sensitive or confidential items. KeepSafe products are ideal for:
• Cash deposits in the banking, retail and cash-transport industries
• Highly confidential documentation
• Insured and registered mail
• Police and forensic evidence
• Government/Educational and other areas of the public sector
A range of application-specific standard products is available. Customer-specific configurations are also available.



Track & Trace Features

In addition to this high degree of security, KeepSafe security products can include a unique sequential number ensuring traceability and enabling the accurate pinpointing of breaches in security. Unique numbers can be printed as high-resolution bar codes bringing opportunities for significant improvements in handling efficiencies. The benefits include:
• Better deterrent from internal and external theft
• Better protection of employees integrity
• Cost saving through reduced losses and improved efficiencies



Standard Product Range Sizes



Product Range

The KeepSafe range offers cost-effective standardised product solutions, which are specially designed for their application, while allowing some customisation of print designs and numbering systems. Selections of the most popular designs in the range are available as off-the-shelf standards. Fully customised designs are also available.
The KeepSafe® Security Bag range includes:
• Cash deposit and transport bags
• Night deposit bags
• Bulk security sacks
• Coin bags
• Cheque bags
• Secure mail bags
• Police and forensic bags
• Examination bags
• Key bags
• Safe-deposit and valuables bags



Environmental and Quality Assurance

AMPAC products are manufactured under conditions governed by ISO9001:2000, your guarantee of high standards of product quality. All KeepSafe security bags are 100% recyclable.