Security Products


Security breach is one of the worst incidents that can happen to any organization. The most common form of breach is asset tampering. This can result in loss of confidential data with unquantifiable loss of monetary value and even personal privacy.

Logistics Security Solutions Pte Ltd.(or LSS, formerly known as Coronet Marketing (Far East) Pte Ltd.) is the marketing and distribution arm of The Transnational Group. As a specialist in providing a wide range of tamper evident products since 1984, LSS is a value-added security products and intelligent security containers to meet the discerning and ever growing security needs of the banking and financial services, retail, postal and courier, cash handling, logistics, education and many other industries.

Our Product Range

LSS is the Exclusive Distributor in this region* for the following two principals:

  • A) ITW Envopak
    This UK company specializes in re-usable Tamper Evident Bags and Security Seals which are used widely in Europe, America and Asia.

    Their Flat and Gusset Envopak security bags are available in various sizes (from A3 to A7 and from 6-litre to 90-litre capacity) and colors. Clients can also choose to customize their bag design and specify the type and color of material.

    The unique feature of this security bag is the ubiquitous yellow locking chamber that accommodates a patented PS4 security seal as well as the PS2 security seal. Both types of seal can either be bar-coded, serial-numbered or printed with the client's company logo for enhanced security.

    * Distributed in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, The Philippines, Brunei, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Sri Lanka

  • B) FMTec Pty Ltd.
    FMTec Pty Ltd, headquartered in Austria specializes in Intellient Security Containers that offer security features like secure locking, electronic seal, alarm functions, electronic access control, tracking and audit trail. The intelligent security containers are offered in various sizes (including bespoke designs) and are made from high strength aluminium alloy. Each container comes with a proprietary SECOLO Intelligent Security Lock.

    * Distributed in Singapore, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and India
  • Others

    a) Envoseal® Range of Seals
    LSS in partnership with ITW Envopak also distributes the Envoseal® range of indicative, barrier and innovative security seals and caters to the security requirements of most industries including the commercial airline and logistics industries.

    b) Tamper Evident Envelopes and Seals
    LSS is capable of supplying a wide range of third party tamper evident security envelopes and seals to meet the specific needs of each customer.

    As our valued client, you can be assured of our commitment to furnish the most appropriate and value-added solutions to meet your security needs, We strive to provide you with a high level of customer satisfaction.