Automated Teller Machine ( ATM ) REPLENISHMENT

Besides handling cash processing, we have a dedicated Division which specializes in ATM cash replenishment. This we do professionally and with the highest level of service including handling of first line maintenance and up keeping of ATM area cleanliness with tidying of slots for brochures and other material promotions of client banks.

ATM cash replenishment is carried out round the clock throughout the week including Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays. It’s based on the planned, scheduled or predetermined average balance of the bank; or confirmation from respective ATM Centers or a pre-determined monitoring system.


Besides cash replenishment, our team also does First Line Maintenance as a service which includes:

  • Retrieving cards jammed or retained by ATM
  • Replacing printer paper journal / diskette journals
  • Checking machine functions such as Dispenser errors, Journal breakdowns, Printer errors and Machine resetting
  • General Cleaning


We are proficient in cash replenishment through all types of ATMs. All cartridges for replenishment are sealed for security reasons. Thereafter, the cartridges are stored in security bags for movement via vehicle to and from ATMs.


For stringent control and security , each ATM Team member carries an Identity Card for identification when performing their duties. In addition, our clients are given the Team’s specimen signatures to authenticate further that the Team member is authorized for the assigned ATM operation. OPERATIONS CONTROL

Each ATM Team during its operations is controlled and monitored real – time until completion of ATM cash replenishment, problem solving and recording of daily operations report