Cash In Transit

Provides total cash distribution solutions mainly for the collection and delivery of cash i.e. bank notes and coins for banks, retailers, corporate clients and etc.

  • Collection and/or Delivery of cash for bank branches
  • Withdrawal/deposit of cash to and from Central Bank
  • Collection and/or Delivery of cash for Retailers (Retail Outlets), Corporate Clients, etc.
  • Repatriation of cash currency, within country and/or out of country
Our dedicated CIT team is ready to provide 24 hours service a day including Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays. In addition, we also provide manpower back-up to ensure full deployment of our Teams to meet clients’ requirements including contingencies.


    For enhanced security and confidentiality, all cash handled by us are being packed in bags with special features to prevent tampering and for unique control and accounting through serial numbered seals. In addition, all cash handled by us are fully insured by a well reputed international insurance company. The special features will certainly give you a “peace of mind” for the reliability and accountability of Transnational Solutions Services.
    Our CIT Teams are equipped with secure vehicles complete with dedicated communications to professionally execute CIT transactions. . Moreover, our secure vehicles are installed with steel vaults. Each Team comprises also fully armed guards.
    Our CIT team operates in low profile where our vehicles are ‘unmarked’ with no markings of company name or identity. This concept helps to avoid undue attention or identification of our vehicles as necessary for undesirable acts like robbery and sabotage.
    Each CIT transaction is closely controlled and monitored real-time till its successful completion by a dedicated Ops Control Team. This is facilitated through dedicated and secure communications supplemented with secure system of planning and deployment of Teams.