Transnational Company Private Limited was incorporated in 1978 as a general courier service provider in Singapore. Over the years, we have grown and diversified into a group of companies that are currently providing an integrated range Business Process Outsourcing(BPO) solutions to customers in Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Sri Lanka and Malaysia.


With a regional staff strength of more than 2600 and growing, we are entrusted with more than 18,000 deliveries daily. This works out to an average of more than 12.5 deliveries every minute! In Singapore alone, we are responsible for more than 4,000 dispatches per day. Out of these, we distribute various types of items and payloads ranging from cheques, documents, tapes, medical products, delicate electronic parts, bulk hardware to laboratory samples. 

  • Hallmarks of Success
    Four operating philosophies guide our organization and lead to the success we enjoy today: Control, Contingency, Security and Accountability. Reflected consistently in our service is also the Transnational mission "To create and provide professional and effective solutions that unburden our clients through knowledge, technology, systems and methods".
  • CEO's Message
    "Logistics is a strategic weapon. Forward-thinking companies recognize that to win in today's ever changing business landscape, a single, superior and unified logistics formula makes a difference! Transnational strongly advocates the logistics convergence philosophy, weave logistics into the fabric of your firm-impacting cost, customer service, asset productivity and competitive position. We deliver solutions, not packages; on time and within budget. Exploring beyond traditional warehousing and distribution, we reinvent the supply chain challenge through a collaboration of brilliant strategies and state-of-the-art solutions for your financial success." Mr Daron K.W. Liew (Chairman & Chief Executive Officer)