Dedicated Distribution Services

This division focuses on designing and executing customized logistics and distribution solutions for specific industries. One prominent example is in 1982 when the banking industry in Singapore adopted the automated cheque clearing system and required logistics support capable of meeting the stringent time-sensitivity, reliability and security demands of the new system.

Transnational identified the requirements of the banking industry and tailored a dedicated distribution solution; catering specifically to the standards of the automated cheque clearing system. Under the plan, Transnational provides a comprehensive service of delivering reports, banking documents, return cheques, clearing cheques etc. between a point of origin to multiple-defined destination points and vice-versa according to a predetermined time schedule.


We exercise tight control over time schedules; providing for total accountability for all items being transported and also catering for any and all contingencies including road accidents, power failures, computer breakdowns, adverse weather etc.

Presently, Transnational has a tested and proven operational fleet of more than 160 vehicles in distribution management which is managed by a very experienced team of Operations Officers, Controllers and Audit Inspectors. In addition, as part of our contingency plans, Transnational maintains a backup team that is equivalent to 25% of our operational strength.

Our current network has the ability to turn-around collections islandwide within a 30 – 45 minutes time frame and Transnational is the only logistics company that offers distribution service on a 24 hours basis for 7 days a week.

We also have an Operations Process Management team that undertakes studies of clients’ needs, designs logistics plans and coordinate execution of the plan to ensure that all assignments are executed based on resultant specifications approved by the customers.  This department acts as ‘counter checking’ platform against our Distribution division to ensure that our ‘best foot’ is put forward at all times. This team is also responsible to enforce and review control measures, and to improve on areas of dis-satisfaction or complains.

Courier on assignment scanning id of collected bags to be transmitted back to hub.