Distribution / Mail & Mailroom Management

This division focuses on reviewing and developing customized mail management solutions for players in the various industries. We realize that companies are bogged down with the running of mail handling activities, which are not ‘revenue-generators’ and thus deemed to be ‘unimportant’.

Our main objective is to enhance your internal flow of mail and other documents to ensure better efficiency and productivity in the mail handling activities. This will help you better utilize the efforts placed in such activities and ensure improved customer servicing. 

Transnational has been providing Mail Management solutions since 1995. With our knowledge in complex mailing procedures honed through the years, Transnational is proud to provide a customised mail management solutions such as franking, sorting, postal and inter-department mails collection/delivery, local and international courier distribution, printing of statements, letter-shopping, direct fulfillment and other associated services including photocopying, scanning and imaging etc.



Transnational will provide a fully itemized quotation for all solutions recommended, after an in-depth study of your current mail handling operations and an assessment of the direction of your future mail management requirements. Our objective is clearly defined to restructure your mailroom operations to increase cost effectiveness, speed up the turnaround and distribution of mail and documents in order to enhance customer service for you.

We have a Mail Management Division that has substantial working experience in various industries in Singapore. We have been providing both on-site and off-site mailroom facilities for key players in the various industries, with daily volume handled exceeding 50,000 pieces of mail in the larger facilities. This has enabled us to have a clear understanding of various critical operational issues and ensure we deliver the solutions effectively and efficiently.



Transnational will undertake the following steps before providing you with a quotation:
i. Define
We listen and ask questions to understand your business concepts and goals. We will also study your operating environment, entire infrastructure, competition and alliances to review your constraints and define the functional, creative and technical requirements of your business.

ii. Strategize
With a clear definition of your strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats, we will propose a strategic plan based on you business objectives.

iii. Develop
Once we decide on the direction together with you and after the fundamentals are set in place, we will begin to develop the solution. We experiment with ideas and thereafter construct the solution to cover all your needs before presenting to you our recommendations.

Product and Value Added Services
Other than the basic mailroom operational functions, Transnational’s Mail Management program includes the following features:

  • Supply of Tamper Evident Devices e.g. mail pouches, security bags and seals;
  • Customised information management reports;
  • Standard operating procedures and regular internal audits that ensures operational compliance;
  • Comprehensive contingency (BCP) testing carried out twice annually to ensure readiness;
  • Latest mail management software applications and equipment that are constantly reviewed and upgraded;
  • Economies of scale achieved through collective bargaining and strategic tie-ups e.g. postage expense review, mailroom supplies, international courier, etc.

Whether you are considering a new mailroom or the refurbishment of your existing one, you can benefit from our experience and expertise as we recognize the importance of offering our clients only the best equipment and mailing systems support.

Mission Statement
Transnational Mail Management Division is a solution provider that prides itself on increasing productivity, providing dedicated manpower and cost efficiency, through the offering of services that are first choice among organizations.

We deliver the following immediate benefits:

  • QUICKER turnaround of your mails and documents;
  • SPEEDIER response to your needs;
  • TIMELY information for better management decisions;
  • COMPLETE control of Mail Management operations through critical benchmarking in CONTROL, ACCOUNTABILITY, SECURITY AND CONTINGENCY.

Benefits to Clients
Over the years, Transnational Mail Management program has grown and diversified to include other business activities, all of which leverage on our core competence in learning, creating and delivering professional innovative value-add solutions. This will ensure that you will be able to reap further benefits from an activity that has always been deemed ‘unimportant’ and ‘back-room’.

We have continuously ensured that we provide our clients with cost-savings and customer satisfaction. In one instant, Transnational helped one of our clients to reduce their manpower cost by as much as 50%, without compromising on the operational effectiveness and efficiency.

At present, general surveys, conducted by our Account Management team with our clients on our services, records an average of 80% “better than before” remarks.
So contact us today to liaise with our Business Development team.