Logi-Q™ Plus

The perfect complement to Logi-Q™ or a standalone solution for high-volume collection centres, Logi-Q™ Plus automates the receipt of your high-volume inbound deliveries on site and increases the speed of your high-volume clearance.

LOGI-Q™ PLUS comprises:
• an RFID gantry installed at the entrance/exit that captures all packages upon entry and validates all packages, or sounds an alarm if undelivered packages are detected, upon exit
• a terminal that validates and verifies data captured by the RFID gantry against data stored in the handheld Logi-Q™ device.



With a high volume of deliveries being processed through your collection centre on a daily basis, you need a comprehensive summary of total collections at the end of the day.  Logi-Q™ Plus provides a clear overview of the day’s deliveries with comprehensive reports of all logged transactions for your verification and reconciliation.



With comprehensive reports that tabulate information on a per client/branch basis and provide comparisons of actual data from the terminal versus scheduled data, you can perform in-depth analysis on any reported incident using the data captured from Logi-Q™ Plus. From the reports, you have access to package delivery time, the courier and receiving employee involved, and status of the security seal upon delivery.



The automated processes of Logi-Q™ Plus reduce the number of staff required to oversee the receipt of deliveries into your collection centre and increase the speed of your high-volume clearance. This allows you to redeploy your staff  to other business functions, saving you in costs and increasing productivity.