Records Management

Transnational believes in providing a comprehensive solution that can fully engage the diversity of your business needs. We develop customized records solutions that will maximize your firm's records management effectiveness while minimizing cost. We maintain the records management database and systems to manage the index, retention policies and cost centre.

Transnational Records Management Solutions are tailored by structured and time-tested processes that are backed by sophisticated automation like bar-coding, Automated Storage Retrieval Systems and Records Management Software solutions. This increases our efficiency, accuracy and quality in our services to you.


  • Records should be stored in a dedicated Records Facility
    Disaster is an incident, un-welcomed and unexpected. It may be the result of a series of aftermath ranging from water, fire, bomb blast, natural disasters to system & power failures and biological threats.

    Transnational places great emphasis on disaster preventive and safety measures, thus ensuring that data and lives are not lost in the face of a disaster. These are done by various methods, ranging from the use of advance technologies to preserve data & having a sound Business Continuity Plan, which highlights specific roles and responses to be executed.

    We are committed to the conservation of its customer’s assets. By pro-actively ensuring that the Disaster Preventive Measures are dutifully managed and maintained, it remains our goal in ensuring that we would never be required to activate such a measure.

    Below illustrates an environment where it is purposefully built for the specific storage and preservation of Records Documents. In simple terms, the Disaster Preventive Systems emplaced within the facility are specially customized in accordance to the special requirements needed for the preservation of Records.
    • Advance fire detection and prevention using early warning systems
    • Environment control systems
    • Restricted access into and within facility
    • Pest controlled environment
    • Specialized security systems

  • A general warehouse facility is not suitable for use as a Records Centre.
    The records manager in a general warehouse will not be able to dictate how the facility is managed in order to ensure that conditions are best suited for records storage. Fumigation, for example, may not be allowed in a general warehouse, as it would contaminate fresh produce and other materials stored in the building. As additional danger, of course, is that fresh produce may attract rodents and other pests that are detrimental for paper records.

    Whilst the records storage section of a general warehouse may be secure, it is nonetheless exposed to the risks of any combustible materials that may be stored within the same general warehouse.



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