Logistics Challenge 
Increasingly, the concept of convergence is changing the way we work and live. Apparent in many facets from telecommunications applications, web strategies, consumer electronics and office equipment to retail enterprises, the merits of under-one-roof services are simply unlimited. In essence, integrated systems soar for two obvious reasons-cost and convenience. OUR ONE-STOP LOGISTICS CENTRE TAKES COLLECTIVE CHARGE OF MAIL, CASH MANAGEMENT, SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT, AND RECORDS WAREHOUSING NEEDS AMONGST OTHERS.


Our Corporate Concierge Solutions encompass

  • Distribution Management Solutions
  • Mailing House Solutions 
  • Mail Management Solutions
  • Redemption Centre / Customer Loyalty Programmes
  • Cash Management Solutions
  • Fleet Management
  • Records Management Solution
  • Supply Chain Management


Mail & Mailroom Management (D/MMS)
Transnational has been providing document management, records storage, filing, sorting and delivery solutions for local and overseas organisations since 1978. We specialise in moving documents and cheques through the use of effective and cost efficient material handling systems and trained personnels. Supported by our network of products and services, we are currently one of the largest local Mail & Mailroom Management Companies in Singapore. 


Distribution Management (D/MMS)

This division focuses on designing and executing customized logistics and distribution solutions for specific industries, capable of meeting the stringent time-sensitivity, reliability and security demands, delivering reports, banking documents, return cheques, clearing cheques etc. between a point of origin to multiple-defined destination points and vice-versa according to a predetermined time schedule. 

We exercise tight control over time schedules; providing for total accountability for all items being transported and also catering for any and all contingencies including road accidents, power failures, computer breakdowns, adverse weather etc. 

Presently, Transnational's dedicated distribution system for the banking industry is found in 6 countries servicing more than 5,000 bank branches and financial institutions. As we enjoy market leadership in most of the countries we service, we have further applied the concept of dedicated logistics system to the Healthcare, Retail, Education, Food & Beverage and Entertainment industries. 

Records Management (RIMS)
We provide Records Management Services, which include Off-Site Storage Arrangements, Consultancy Service, and any type of related services. We provide our client with computer software to monitor their records at their own desktop, with the highest level of security and confidentiality. The system allows the client to monitor their own records with regards to retention, accessibility, movement and speedy retrievals. We also provide Secure Disposal of Records, both by incineration and recycling.