Tamper Evident Bags

What is Tydenpak?

Tamper Evident Reusable Security Bag
The leading-edge in closed-looped movement of items
Designed to replace single use bags or security envelopes.

TydenPak Structure:

  • Heavy Duty 330 Denier PVC Coated Polyester
  • Internally Stitched
  • Bar Code Window - Provides Audit Trail Control
  • Heavy Duty Nylon Reversed Zip
  • Unauthorized access to the contents is identifiable.
  • TydenBrooks 8 Zip Chamber has tamper indicator breakout points.
  • Available in clear material for visibility of contents

Where can TydenPak’s Be Used?

  • Cash & Key Handling,
  • Internal and external Mail Distribution,
  • Secure document storage,
  • Banking, retail, wholesalers,
  • Pharmaceutical, internal transfer of medicines,
  • Confidential patient information within hospitals,
  • hotels, entertainment venues, casinos, restaurants, and bars.