Tamper Evident Seals

TydenClip Features

  • TydenClip has tamper indicator breakout points
  • Standard 7 Digit Sequentially Numbered
  • Range of Colour Choices – Yellow, White, Green, Blue, Red
  • Barcoding available - provides you with an automated high security track and trace system.

TydenClip Benefits -

A properly implemented and carefully maintained TydenPak+Seals security system can offer companies a number of important benefits:

  • Re-usability - One trip security bags and cardboard boxes are discarded after just one use. The TydenPak system can be re-used time and time again.
  • Deters Theft & Fraud - With unique barcoding on the seal and on the TydenPak, deters theft and saves the organisation time and money.
  • Enables Tracking & Tracing - Information collected from the TydenClip & TydenPak enables a full audit trail to be constructed. (barcoding, sequential number, QR Code)