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Sri Lanka

The Transnational Group was established in Sri Lanka in 1985, providing services to renowned local and international clientele operating in the region. Currently, four sub-business units function under the Transnational Group, comprising Security Solution Provision, Records Management, Cash Management, and Logistics Services.

Over the past few decades, our Sri Lankan business units have been able to strengthen the Transnational Group’s roots in the Pan-Asia region by showcasing stellar performance and establishing a trustworthy brand name among esteemed clients across the diversified business markets.

Our Business Units

Transnational Security Solutions Lanka

A well-known state-of-the-art security solutions provider for many on-short and off-shore clients

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Pronto Lanka

The largest domestic courier service provider in Sri Lanka with over 30 years of operational experience and expertise

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Transnational Lanka

The island’s market leader and pioneer in providing highly-reliable cash, records, and information management solutions

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Transnational Technology Solutions Lanka

Sri Lanka’s one-stop hub for the latest and most diverse range of cash management solutions backed by robust technologies

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