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Our Solutions

Transnational Group of Companies expertise in providing a variety of business solutions powered by innovation and new tech.

“As a first time service provider to us, the representatives from Transnational Group have impressed us immediately by their professionalism, starting conversations with different stakeholders and visiting 10 clinics to ensure that service was smooth. They also made sure that their staff were able to meet our dynamic operational requirements during COVID-19 circumstances. We are highly satisfied with their service performance and highly recommend their service to others.”

A Hospital Manager in Singapore


Cash Management

Transnational Group offers comprehensive one-stop cash management services in the region, utilizing advanced technology and security measures. Our services cater to both banking and non-banking industries and include cash processing, in-transit cash, and vaulting operations – all under one roof.

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Cash Management

We handle cash from bank clients or branches and process it according to Central Bank standards. Once processed, the cash can be returned to the central bank or the respective bank branches as needed. Our secure gateway connects with the bank’s core system to ensure smooth transactions. We are a trusted integration platform provider for modern cash deposit machines, appliances, backend banking, and financial institutes.

Our innovative retail cash management solution, ‘SmartCash,’ provides integrated services for retailers. By combining smart deposit/safe machines managed by us with the Transnational Middleware platform, we enable real-time transaction processing and same-day credit to customers through the facilitating bank via our secure gateway.


Mail & Mailroom Management

As a leader in mail distribution and mailroom management, our group provides customized solutions to a wide range of industries. We understand that handling mail can be time-consuming and may not directly contribute to revenue generation. That’s why our primary goal is to streamline your mail and document workflows, enhancing efficiency and productivity in your mail handling operations while improving your customer service.

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Mail & Mailroom Management

Since 1995, Transnational has been offering mail management solutions. Drawing on our extensive experience in complex mailing procedures, we provide customized services such as franking, sorting, postal and inter-departmental mail collection and delivery, local and international courier distribution, letter-shopping, direct fulfillment, and related services like photocopying, scanning, and imaging.

After conducting a thorough analysis of your current mail handling operations and assessing your future needs, we’ll provide a detailed quotation. Our goal is to restructure your mailroom operations for cost-effectiveness, quicker turnaround, and better distribution of mail and documents.

This is a unique mail management solution that not only caters to business operations and security requirements, but also effectively addresses the challenges faced in a post-COVID working environment.

Our Mail Management Division has vast experience working with various industries in Singapore, providing both on-site and off-site mailroom facilities. We handle daily mail volumes exceeding 50,000 pieces for larger facilities and have gained valuable insights into critical operational issues, enabling us to deliver efficient and effective solutions.


Document and Records Management

Secure storage and instant access to your information are priorities for any organization. Our end-to-end Document and Records Management Solutions can meet your information management needs, whether physical or electronic, with secure, customized options. We also offer solutions with state-of-the-art technology for easy document imaging, tracking, tracing, and retrieval of your records and archives, with quick retrieval available through our Transnational RMS customer portal.

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Document and Records Management

What We Provide…

Carton Management

Ensure the security and accessibility of your hardcopy documents with our professional, managed service. By storing your documents in our highly secure facilities operated by trained specialists, you save valuable office space while maintaining easy access to your information. We transport and store your cartons securely in our warehouses, applying a barcode to each carton and storing all relevant data in the Transnational RMS system.

File Management

We work with you to determine your specific needs and barcode each file and document accordingly. This allows for more efficient and cost-effective management of individual files and documents. We can also scan documents on-site and securely email or share them with you, avoiding the cost of sending a whole carton.

Electronic Document Management

We offer services to scan and store your documents as digital files, providing you with the technology to retrieve these documents for processing purposes on your mobile, tablet, or PC. We use our own Data Center for cloud hosting or can provide cloud hosting through other reputable providers.

Media Storage

We have temperature and humidity-controlled storage environments at key strategic locations for media storage. These purpose-built structures incorporate fire suppression systems and CCTV surveillance.

Vault Storage Management

Our vaults provide secure storage for highly confidential documents, electronic data, and server backup media. Housed in state-of-the-art, purpose-built facilities, these vaults feature advanced security and environmental control systems to preserve and maintain your vital data over long periods.


Medical Distribution

Healthcare logistics demand unique, tailored solutions. Our services are designed to handle your shipments with care and meet all regulatory requirements. Whether it’s time-sensitive medical specimens or temperature-controlled vaccines, trust us to deliver on time, every time.

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Medical Distribution

Healthcare faces unique logistic challenges. That’s why our solutions are specifically designed to ensure your shipments are treated with the utmost care and meet all regulatory requirements. From time-critical medical & pathology specimens to temperature-controlled vaccines, you can count on us get your goods to the right place at the right time.


Safeguard product integrity for patient health – We help maintain the quality and compliance of your products from manufacturing to storage to pharmacy, and if needed, back again. Our temperature-controlled processes and value-added services optimize supply chain solutions to suit your requirements. We provide full shipment visibility with our data tools and adhere to UN3373 and P650 standards.

Clinical Trials

Quick, secure delivery for study accuracy – Our solutions are optimized for biological samples and test medications, offering short transit times, end-to-end temperature control, and high-performance reusable packaging. Our experienced service teams provide advanced monitoring, visibility, and intervention options to suit your needs and budget.

Medical Devices

Time-sensitive shipping with patients in mind – We adapt to dynamic market demands while protecting your urgent shipments. Our industry-leading same-day and next-day coverage helps reduce stock levels and emergency shipping costs. We deliver to specific departments and named recipients, including hospital returns, and are able to meet any urgent needs of our clients.


Distribution Management

Transnational offers a Dedicated Distribution System, providing timely courier and distribution services for time-sensitive and mission-critical assignments from a point of origin to multiple destinations and vice versa, based on pre-agreed schedules with clients. In Singapore alone, we cover over 4,500 clearing points daily, and our reach continues to grow. This system ensures predictable costs and maximized savings, as well as consistent distribution timings for enhanced service quality. We are also a critical service provider in National Cheque Clearing across the region, and are a trusted logistics partner for critical medical and healthcare supplies in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Sri Lanka.

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Distribution Management

Flexible General Distribution Solutions

Our General Distribution Management team handles ad-hoc courier and distribution services that require customization and special arrangements. With over five decades of solid operational performance, Transnational is recognized as a market leader in local distribution solutions, particularly in the banking industry. In 2008, we were appointed as the sole approved vendor for government bodies and agencies’ distribution and courier needs.


Security Solutions

We provide comprehensive Security Management Solutions focused on loss prevention and facility protection, all backed by leveraging innovative technology. Our team has over 30 years of experience in security operations, and we work closely with our clients to provide proactive high-quality consultation and ensure complete compliance with all labour laws. Our technology-driven approach guarantees productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness in all our security management services.


Electronic Document Imaging, Archival & Retrieval

We help you transition to a more digital workplace with our SaaS-based document imaging, scanning, indexing, secure storage, and workflow automation solutions.

By adopting our integrated approach to electronic document management and workflow automation, you can reduce paper usage in your processes, streamline business operations, and increase both efficiency and staff productivity. This can lead to improved bottom lines and support eco-friendly initiatives.


Digital Signing

Trusted by National Payment and Settlement Infrastructure providers in the region, we offer digital signing solutions as part of our digital workflow services. These include the use of PKI, digital tokens, and certificates issued by Certification Authorities. We provide customized solutions for customers, combining PKI, passwords, two-factor authentication, and more, tailored to their specific needs.


Middleware API Management Solutions (ESB)

Our Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) and API Manager (APIM) platform helps integrate applications and processes across your network using a standards-based, service-oriented architecture (SOA).

Unlike traditional integration brokers and application servers, our REST-based architecture is highly distributed and centrally managed. This enables you to quickly create efficient solutions for business challenges using existing resources within your organization.

Our event-driven approach offers exceptional flexibility and responsiveness to adapt to changing business conditions. The solution includes a distributed service framework, peer-to-peer networking, REST-based communication, and ESB Generic Services and Adapters.